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"Road Rally in Bell Buckle, Tn."

August 13th, 2006 by Mike Strawbridge

The Rally round the park started in 2003 by Charles Cooke and Bill Bingham to raise money for a city park in downtown bell buckle.  Bell Buckle celebrated it 150th birthday this recently and form the pictures we saw, very little has changed I this town since 1910.

With the city  area populated with antique shops, visiting here is truly a step back in time.  

The people of Bell Buckle are as friendly and courteous as you would expect form a small southern town.

The Rally was a short tour of the farm country that surrounds bell buckle.  We saw covered bridges, live stock farms, stables and inspirational messages carved in stone on the buildings of the city of Bell Buckle.

The rally consisted of following a route presented I the form of photographs of intersections.  An additional challenge was added to the event by Charlie haven taken the photos last fall when the leaves were off the trees making some of the intersections look quite a bit different.

He also threw in a a few very simple course following twists that caught us of guard. More information on how to navigate a road rally is on my blog at http://tsdrally.blogspot.com

He added some questions for us to find along the route to be used in the event of a tie in mileage.  I think most of the contestants enjoyed looking for the answers to the questions as much as anything about the rally.

One back at the park in Bell Buckle, we were treated to grilled burgers and other old fashioned dinner on the grounds type food from the resident s of Bell Buckle.

There was a cake decorating contest, some blue live blue grass music, poetry reading and lots of other entertainment to keep us occupied while the score were tabulated.

When we met back at the rally pavilion, we ended up in second place due to our minor off course excursion and Tom and Angie Parrish were the winners being only 0.3 miles off the correct mileage.

Everyone of the over 40 people involved appeared to have a great time raising money for a good cause.  Looking out at the grassy park complete with playground equipment is a huge improvement from the rocky field we saw back in 2003.

See more pictures at Bell Buckle Cafe

Mike Strawbridge August 13, 2006

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