Jeep Girls do it in the mud!


I get a lot of comments about my "Jeep girls do it in the mud" sticker on the back of Janice's Jeep,  There seems to be some misunderstanding about just what "IT" is.  She earned this sticker working the 2002 Cherokee Trails SCCA PRO Rally.  She was assigned to work the finish control for stage one that stared very early in the morning.  The other girls and I had to navigate a very muddy rugged trail to get to our control location and set up to time rally cars in the rain.  Jamie's Sami and her Jeep made it there in plenty of time and for the first time I had ever seen, the rally started on time and they clocked all the cars.  This stage was "manned" by an all girl stage crew that soon became famous across the country after a posting on Special Stage forum.