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Livingston, Ky XJ list Spring Fling

Scott and I arrived in Livingston about noon Friday.  A nice short four hour tow from home.
Matt G came to meet us at the Truck stop while the rest of the crew were repairing Scott P's driveshaft just up the trail.
I tried a few warm up climbs but both the carb and transmission were not cooperating very well.  Neither likes being vertical.
We went on down to a set of steep rock cliffs.  We all watched Adam go doorless up onto a very steep rock and get hung a in a very precarious spot.  As we were stringing the winch line down to him to stabilize him for the rest of the climb, the sky fell.  Adam sat there patiently holding the brake while the rain poured in on him through his missing door.  Of course the driver side of the Jeep was facing up!
Once he was safely up we continued to explore the trails.  The trails at Livingston are some of the most fun I have ever been on.  There are plenty of cool V slots with lots of flexi places.  Lots of fun drops and climbs along the way as well. 
Just after the rain storm cleared, we discovered some interesting plant life there.  There was a tree with huge leaves that had these monstrous white blooms that opened just after the rain.  The blooms looks somewhat like magnolia blooms just much bigger.  And they simply exploded to life after the rain shower.
Later in the afternoon, we went back out to the truck stop to meet Wayne and Kristy and help Scott P load up so Noah could make his soccer game.  Noah was a trooper all day making great commentary watching everybody climb on the rocks. And even though he told us some cartoons scare him, he was as fearless as his daddy climbing on the rocks.
The trail back to the camp site was quite a challenge after the rain.  The rain had literally changed the landscape in a few minutes.  One double set of ledges near the abandoned school bus was particularly challenging and entertaining.
Once at camp I fond that Mitch had popped a bead on his tire and was not right behind me anymore.  Neal went back to help him get it changed while Scott and I set up our jeep tent and tried to make fire with wet wood.
I was tending a little baby flame made from trigs and oak shavings when Neal returned with his axe to help make some real slivers to get the fire going.  Soon we had a roaring fire.

Jake become our official smore chef and gleefully created excellent smores for appetizers as we waited for our steaks to cook.  See our camp fire cooking blog for the recipe.


Sometime later - I think we all got abducted by aliens or something because it was suddenly near midnight was we were enjoying the best steak I have ever eaten along with potato boats and fire roasted corn.  And for desert my mom had packed a huge box of apple and cherry turnovers for every one to enjoy.

Saturday down cool and slightly foggy beside the beautiful lake.  The smell of gutted cat fish drifted in the air.
Once everyone was up.  Some elected to sleep in - right Neal?  We started work on Mitch's bent rim.  We were able to collect enough tools from the group to reshape the rim to where it would hold air.  The next task of course was seating the bead.  Just as we said, "Hey I wish we had some ether like those guys on TV," Adam produced a can of ether.   While we all knew the theory , none of us had any real experience with this trail fix but we all wanted to see it work.  So we gave Mitch lots of conflicting advice about how to spray the ether into the tire and how to light it.  The first attempt caused lots of flames on the surface but no sealing.  So, like trying to recover the dud firework from the fire, we tried again.  This time with a little longer squirt into the tire.  Mitch lit it up again and it looked like it was just going to burn on the surface again.  But Mitch kicked the tire and BOOM.  The tire jumped right onto the bead.  Mitch at the same time parted company with the lighter and ether can in opposite directions as he jumped about three foot in the air.  No one inquired about his shorts.
We all agreed that was  the coolest trail fix of the weekend.
See page two for more about our trip back out, Adam loosing his tailgate, watching Suzuki 4x4's and our chat with the friendly forest ranger.


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