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"How to improve you cash flow through seeding."


January 4, 2007  by Mike Strawbridge

There is a secret to generating cash flow that moneyed people through out history have used that is completely unknown to most people.  This principle is very simple and has been used by the most successful people in the world.

This ancient secret helped create millionaires and billionaires throughout time, and still works today---IF you practice the formula for making it so. (Most people do it wrong, if they do it at all.)

This secret is seed money.  Many people are familiar with tithing but seeding is even more powerful.  Seeding invokes more of your faith and therefore brings out more of the power of the universe.

This concept is summed up nicely in the book: "The Classic Seed Money In Action" by Dr. Jon Speller and Kathleen Shedaker

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