Sno * Drift Rally

The Rally- America big white truck.  Inside are lots of cool communications and computer gear.

RallyJeep 1 did not like the cold.

Registration was at the Senior center.  A very nice and well equipped place.

Steve Gringas' car.  We preran the course in this.  

We used the fancy door signs to get the best parking places at the Spectator sites as well.

Shamus getting in a little practice.

Overcooking this corner was easy as it was solid polished ice.

I slid through the banner tape on my first pass and I was doing less than 30 when I crested the hill.

This was the stuff that had traction!  Very little of it was left on the racing line.

Snow turtle leaving service in Atlanta.  The other Atlanta.

Women drivers!

More Women drivers!

Pooh Bear in the Snow.

Ice tires

More tire choices.

S 10 off road truck.  Lots of torque was no help in the snow and ice.

Drivers were mostly smiling all day.


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