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"Life is a mind game.  Play to win."

October 16, 2009 by Mike Strawbridge

Take control of your life. Choose thoughts that improve your performance. Set lofty goals.  These concepts are taught by all the self help guru's.  But how do you actually apply these principles to your life?  How do you manage kids a spouse and a mortgage while striving for your goals?

After losing the job I had planned to retire from after over twenty years of faithful service and making lots of profit for a big corporation, I found myself seeking a better way to experience life.  What was the point in working so hard if my financial security could be so quickly wiped out by an event that I had no control over. 

When I worked at Westvaco, I faced a variety of challenges in getting our various processes to perform at the levels we wanted and expected them to. I got really good at solving problems.  In fact I also got very good at finding new problems to solve.

Life for me became a pursuit of bigger and badder problems requiring more and more clever solutions.  I see people everywhere around me doing the same thing.  In fact the more educated and intelligent these people are the more they seem to seek for problems to be solved.

Somewhere along the way, I discovered that life was not a problem that needed to be solved.  I didn't need to carve my solutions in stone for all the world to see like on the Georgia Guide Stones.

My job was not to find more problems and and research the causes of these problems and find someone or something to blame.  I found my job was to create the life I wanted.

That secret I found was the difference between those who truly lived life and accomplished their life's goals and those who wandered from one problem to the next.  No matter how good I got at solving problems, there was always a new and bigger problem looking ahead of me.

For those of you who are ready to make a change and start improving your life, I have created this website to share what I have learned with you.  I have compiled lots of resources to help you improve your performance in any area.  It does not matter if you are looking to improve your relationship with your spouse, create a safer workplace, pursue a career in nursing, build a Jeep Cherokee to take you places, or just simply learn to set and achieve goals, the process is all the same.

If you would like personal assistance I offer the following options:


You provide the goals, I provide the guidance and follow up to make sure you get there.


I help you set up a step by step plan to reach your goal.  I provide guidance and support along the way. You get the benefit of learning form my past mistakes.


I help you find solutions to your problems.  Help you set goals and find ways to achieve them.


I bring my tool box and we work together to create a whatever it is we are working on.

Mike Strawbridge October 16, 2009