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October 16, 2009 by Mike Strawbridge


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Writing articles for public release is one way I use to share my knowledge with other people.  Feel free to use any of these articles on your web site or blog as long as the reference block remains.  See the rules at ezinearticles.com.  Also to learn more about me and my hobbies see may various blogs listed below.  Please don't copy the blog posts but feel free to link to them.

How to improve any process and achieve your business goals and personal satisfaction. at Westvaco I faced a variety of challenges getting people, machines and management systems to perform at their optimum level. My experience as the plant engineer  taught me how to apply problem solving skills to any process.  

The First Quality of a Great Leader - Self Awareness

Feeling Stuck? Try Forgiveness.  Often we get stuck in progress toward our goals.  Many great writers advise to try forgiveness.  In this article I explore some of my personal forgiveness issues.

Goals-How to overcome obstacles to your success.  Your beliefs will shape your progress toward success.  What you believe about the obstacles you face will determine how you overcome them.

Goals - How to accomplish your life’s goals with God’s assistance
Working toward goals in a problem solving manner creates a circular path to your goal. Working with God's assistance helps to create a more direct path through conscious creation. Achieve your goals faster and easier with this simple nine step method. 

The Right Attitude for Success - the Attitude of Christ  The right mental attitude is essential for success.  The perfect model of a winning attitude is the attitude of Jesus Christ.

Why Go to Church?

How to Make Your Next Road Trip a Spiritual Journey
Using visualization and positive thought can make any road trip more pleasant and enlightening. Always arrive at your destination at exactly the right time safe and refreshed.

Immediate Natural Relief for Asthma

Science vs Religion
I am surprised to see this debate opened back up recently. I thought I settled it back in 1978 when I did my research paper for Mrs. Fitzgerald’s High School English class.

Love Confuses Me

Speaking Affirmations Aloud
Speaking your affirmations aloud can enhance their power to improve your life.

The dark side of Manifesting our thoughts
Sometimes it might be better if we humans were not so good at manifesting our thoughts.  We often think thoughts that we would rather not have manifest in our lives.

Healing Power of Touch
Keep your hands to yourself and you will suffer for it. Good health requires the physical touch of another.

If egos are so bad, why do we have one?
Why do we have an Ego? If we are supposed to subdue our ego to attain enlightenment, we do we need one in the first place?

The curse of man caused by his choice of separation from God can be lifted through the Redemption of Christ Jesus.

How to maintain sexual purity in your marriage
Understanding the differences in how men and women think about sex helps to better understand the roe of sex in a successful marriage.

How to Transmute Sexual Energy to Achieve Success and Manifest Your Desires.



Top 10 Workplace safety tips
Ten tips on how to make your workplace safer for your employees.

Top ten home workshop safety tips

Safety: Operator Training Programs

PSM: Process Safety Management Training

How to improve your safety metrics without making your workplace safer. 

The Importance of Clear Instructions
Having clear concise written work instructions is important to promoting successful workplace communication. Having detailed instructions will prevent many workplace mistakes.

Policies and Procedures are Important
Having clear concise detailed policies and procedures is a key factor in a successful business. Having these written down and accessible is workplace communication.

Process Improvement Through Benefit Communication
How to improve any process and achieve your business goals and personal satisfaction. Communicating your goals, desires and expected process benefits to all involved parties is the key to any successful business process improvement.

How to implement effective evacuation plans and handle fire drill training.
Facility evacuation plans are an often overlooked training opportunity that can save thousands of dollars in the event of an actual emergency. Creative use of fire drill training can enhance business communications through interactions with the employees who are being evacuated.

Ten Tips for a new Safety Director
The job of safety director can and should be one of the most rewarding jobs in industry. After all, you get paid to make sure people have a happy and safe day at work - or at least that they leave with the same number of fingers and toes that they come in with. Here are some important tips that will help guide you to having a successful experience as a safety director:


How To Train Your Dog To Walk On A Leash
Learning how to train your dog to walk on a leash is an important first step in dog obedience training. It sets the stage for all other dog obedience training in establishing who is the alpha dog in your pack.

How to Feed Your Dog Healthy Food
You can prevent many health and behavior problems with your dog with proper nutrition. Healthy dog food is hard to come by in stores, so I recommend making your own.

How to Potty train your dog
By working with your dog's natural instincts you can easily potty train your dog to go either outdoors or indoors. A simple explanation of how. 


Potty Training Awareness
Our top 10 potty training tips for solving potty training problems. Being aware of your potty training problems is the first step to solving them.

Potty Training Problem - Screaming Toddler
One common potty training problem with toddlers is that they Scream and fight when asked to go to the potty. This problem can be very frustrating to the parents.

Child Behavior problems - How to use a stuffed animal to get to the solution Communication with toddlers is sometimes a challenging task. With minimal verbal and cognitive skills, they sometimes seem to be speaking a completely different language. Here is a simple trick to get an insight into how toddlers think.  

Creating Happy Children
The greatest gift you can give your child is the gift of happiness. One easy method to create more happiness in your life is throwing a "tantrum of thankfulness."

Happiness Cubicle Exercise
Happy children develop faster and have fewer behavior problems.  Happy Parents create happy children.  Increase your happiness by transferring happiness form one area of your life to another.

How to fabricate your own garage doors
When I built my Jeep Workshop barn, I could not find the garage doors I wanted at the price I wanted to pay so I fabricated my own.  My steel doors serve me very well and don't take up indoor space like an overhead garage door would have.

 Get Fit while Driving your Jeep
Spending a lot of time in a car while commuting or on a road trip can have a negative impact on your health and muscle tone. But not if you use these simple exercises. You can arrive at your destination refreshed and toned. 

Jeep Select Trac NP 242 Transfer Case Information
The Jeep Selec Trac option gives you a NP 242 Transfer case. This case offers the option of an open center differential for use in all conditions including dry pavement.

Road Rally, Stage Rally, Rally Cross - What Is It All About?
Rally is a fast growing world wide sport that combines navigation skills with car control. It comes in several different flavors.

The art and science of rally

Nursing Schools Top ten schools

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Mike Strawbridge October 16, 2009

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