Weight loss plan trial in Cleveland, Tn

I am looking for 10 people in Cleveland, Tn to help me evaluate a lifestyle system designed to help you achieve your weight loss goals and be healthy!

I am going to be testing a weight loss system that incorporates Menu Planning, Fitness and exercise planning, Stress reduction techniques, and Behavior modification. The full system is a twelve week program. I am giving it a thirty day trial run to see if it is right for me.

In order to give it my best shot, I need some people to work with me. My plan is to meet once a week to discuss how we are applying the plan and what parts are working for each of us and what challenges we are facing. Our goal will be to work as a team so that every one who participates meets their individual goals. There will be no competition, just universal support.

As the team leader, I will research the program and help coach each of the participants. There will be no charge for participating in the program, but each person will be responsible for purchasing his own food, supplements and study materials. We can split the costs of the training literature and DVDs and such where it is appropriate.

Meetings will be held at my office on the Cleveland State Community College campus. I will be happy to provide natural healing coaching to the participants as part of the program for those who help me meet my weight and health goals.

To qualify for the program, you have to be willing to commit to at least a thirty day trial. You will have to commit to actually following the plan as best you can. You will have to commit to meeting once a week and sharing your success and failure openly and honestly with the group. You have to agree to be accepting and supporting of other group members during the trial period. We may establish other rules as we go along to make everyone feel comfortable with the meetings.

If you are serious about improving your health and creating a sustainable healthy body weight, come give this program a try with me. Space is limited by the size of the conference room. I am most interested in people who would want to teach this system to others once you prove it works for you. However, anyone who is interested in loosing a few pounds and feeling better is welcome to apply.

If this sounds like you, send me a message on Twitter or facebook or email me with your health goals and the best time of the week for you to meet. I look forward to working with you.

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