Renix Fuel injectors again

Replacing the injectors in my Off Road Jeep

I recently swapped the injectors in my Dad’s Wagoneer.  I like the results so much I ordered another set of injectors from K Suspension for my Jeep.  Both of us have 4.7 stroker motors built by Titan engines. 

You can see the previous post for the details on how to pull the fuel rail.

I used the REM to check the injectors settings before removing the 24lb ford injectors.  While my engine would eventually get into closed loop mode, it always took a while and often on the trial at low speed it would drop into open loop and run rich.  I saw from my experience with Dad’s Wagoneer, that the 24lbs were just too big for our stroker builds.

I ordered a set of injectors for a 1991 Cherokee. form K suspension.  They had a nice Black Friday sale going on. I think they are 19 lb but I am not sure.

When I first started up the engine I could tell something was just not right.  The engine was running very rich and my carbon monoxide detector started going of fin the shop.  It took me a couple of cycles through the readings in the REM to notice that I had no MAP signal.

I had knocked the vacuum line loose at the throttle body and not gotten it reconnected properly when I put the fuel rail back in place.

With the proper vacuum signal coming to the ECU, the engine started running much better.  I then pulled a battery cable to reset the computer.

On restart, the idle came in quickly and the ECU dropped into closed loop mode almost immediately.  I am looking forward to seeing how it does on the trails now that the computer can actually control the fuel mixture.