Renix Idle Air Control Valve

Replacing the idle air control valve to solve erratic idle speed. IAC Valve.

The Renix Engine fuel injection controller adjusts the idle speed by opening and closing a valve that bypasses the throttle plate.  Often the Renix engines will have a high idle speed due to the Idle Air Control Valve leaking air past the plunger.

Idle Air Control Valve IAC

Mine has had an intermittent high idle speed since I have owned it.  Most of the time it is not a problem; but sometimes when rock crawling in a delicate spot, a high idle speed can be annoying or even dangerous. Tapping the throttle body usually settles it down.

I finally got around to replacing the valve.  It is held to the throttle body with two Torx screws. A Torx driver may be easier to use than a bit on a ratchet for the lower screw.

Be sure to remove the old O ring when cleaning.  Use some throttle body cleaner to clean the seat inside the throttle body.

Dirty idle air control valve IAC

Install the new valve and O ring. I reused the old screws instead of the new ones in the kit.

le air control valve replacement for idle speed control

The idle speed came right into spec on the first start up for me.  I thought it might take the computer a bit to learn the new valve, but that was not the case.

I tried several starts and the engine would come right back to the proper idle speed every time. Hopefully I have solved this intermittent but annoying problem.

I got the Idle Air Control Valve IACV for Jeep Vehicles 17119295 from Amazon.