944 Hood Struts

Making a tool so I could change hood sturts by myself without breaking the windshield.

The hood struts on our 944 race car were letting me down. I got tired of hitting my head when it drifted down unexpectedly.

I got these struts from Amazon: https://amzn.to/3BMyrlg


Removing the old struts was pretty easy, I just used a small screwdriver to release the clip and used a small hammer to tap out the pin. I did not have too much trouble compressing them the little bit to release the pin.

Compressing the new ones, however, proved to be quite a challenge. I guess I could have put them in the freezer but I wanted a more mechanical solution.

I made a holder bar out of some scrap flat bar. I cut a slot in one end to slip over the tang. Then I bent both ends over. I then used the lift arm to compress the strut and clip the brace in place.

With the strut safely locked in the holder, I could position the hood to match and insert the pin. I then used a pry bar to snap the other end on the ball.

The bar works well for removal also. Just set the hood in the proper spot, clip the bar in place and remove the pin.

I used 3/4 bar stock. It needs to be about 18″ long. Bend over about 1 1/2 inches on each end, leaving 15″ between the bends. Cut a slot wide enough for the tang and it will hold the strut in a slightly compressed condition.

Chasing Death Wobble

Changing parts to reduce wheel shimmy

After a recent tire rotation, I noticed that the steering had a small shake. Over time that shake got worse and worse. Then one day, I hit a bump, and there it was full-on Death Wobble.

I immediately ordered a track bar. https://amzn.to/2YTnvPT Because almost every Jeep that has come through my shop with death wobble, the problem was the track bar.

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Coleman CT200 Predator 212 swap

Repowering my mini bike with a Harbor Freight motor

When I went to ride my Coleman CT200 minibike after winter storage, it did not want to run properly. It would start up and idle fine, but it would not make any power. I could not even ride it at all.

I first cleaned the spark plug. Then I replaced the spark plug.

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New battery for my XJ

Troubleshooting a slow start on my Renix stroker.

I have been experiencing some odd behavior when starting my Renix Cherokee lately. While the starter sounded like it was spinning fine, the engine would not fire up. Often it would fire just as I let go of the key.

I have been running an old Optima battery that I got back when ChumpCar was giving them away as part of their sponsorship, The battery read over twelve volts and the starter sounded fine. However, I noticed that the REM was shutting off and the voltage was dropping while trying to start.

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Jeep Cherokee front bump stop replacement

How to replace the front bump stops on a Jeep Cherokee XJ.

I was noticing some noise in the front of my Jeep Cherokee when I was braking and turning at the same time. While I had the wheels off for a tire rotation, I noticed that the bump stops were worn.

So I ordered these:

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