Magic Mike

Since the movie Magic Mike came out in movie theaters I was curious about it but not enough to go watch it. I had some family and friends go see the movie and they thought it was good. I figured though it may have been because Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum are in it.

Then my sister asks me if I would return a movie to Red Box since I live in the city. It turns out it was the Magic Mike movie. Of course she asks me if I have seen it and I tell her no. She tells me if I want to see it I am welcome to watch it then return it for her, but she warns me to make sure the kids are not around when I am watching it.

I definitely agree that this is NOT a movie for children, much less teenagers to see. The movie was good, however there was a lot more sexual innuendoes that I expected for the movie. The biggest surprise was one penis scene. I would say there was more crotch grabbing in this movie that probably would have put Michael Jackson to shame. Expect a lot of sexually explicit talk and nudity as well.

It almost seems as if the movie was hanging by a bare thread with its rating though. If you are open minded and into movies that have some great looking guys then this is a movie you will probably like watching, without kids around.