Coleman CT200 Predator 212 swap

Repowering my mini bike with a Harbor Freight motor

When I went to ride my Coleman CT200 minibike after winter storage, it did not want to run properly. It would start up and idle fine, but it would not make any power. I could not even ride it at all.

I first cleaned the spark plug. Then I replaced the spark plug.

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K Suspension Headlight Harness

Upgrading my LEDs Lights with a relay harness

One of my favorite upgrades to my XJ has been the LED lights. They really light up road signs and anything reflective like stripes on the road or center reflectors. They also work great in the fog and rain.

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Jeep XJ Drag Link replacement

Correcting the steering on my Renix era Jeep Cherokee with a new drag link tie rod.

After replacing my track bar, I still had play in the steering. The next worst spot was the drag link. I noticed this was loose when I was trying to center the steering wheel after changing the track bar.

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