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October 16, 2009 by Mike Strawbridge

Potty Training:

My wife Janice, aka JeepGirl, is an expert at child development.  She has a degree in the subject from Tennessee Tech University.

She has also taught preschoolers for many years.  Her favorite group is the two year olds.  

These guys are great because they have not yet forgotten how to imagine life.  They are just beginning to acknowledge their egos and learn what is part of them and what is separate from them.

One of the very basic signs of this change is when they learn to use the potty or toilet instead of a diaper.  They become keenly aware of things that are separating form their body and must learn how to deal with it in a socially acceptable manner.

They also learn how to deal with adults that expect them to act in certain ways.

Janice has just completed a study course in Potty Training that teaches you how to Potty Train your Child in one weekend.

This course provides step by step advice on toilet training for toddlers.  It outlines all the necessary preparations that need to be made and the things that need to be gathered up.

Then she describes in great detail exactly how to teach your child to lean to control their bodies so that they can use the potty or toilet instead of a diaper.  I like the fact that she burns all the bridges and leaves room for only one outcome n Monday morning.  The method works with the powerful imagination that two year olds posses so it can't fail.

To learn more about this course see http://pottytrainingsite.com/more-potty-training-tips.htm

For more potty training tips and other child development topics see her Potty Training Blog

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Mike Strawbridge October 16, 2009

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