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August 10th, 2006 by Mike Strawbridge

If you have been inspired by what you have read here and would like to help Mike spread the message of positive thought and love throughout the world you can make a contribution below. 

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Saleem Rana supports the concept that seeding your future cash flow with a gesture of faith is more effective than making a tithe of you past earnings.  His article on this subject is linked here.   

If you feel inspired by anything you read here, try making a donation and see what good things are attracted into your life.  While I can't guarantee anything to happen in your life, I am providing this opportunity for you to give to those who have inspired you.

Through your continued support Mike will be able to continue to publish new and inspiring articles on this site.  Also, as many who have sought to create wealth through conscience creation have discovered, money comes to you most when it is flowing.  By giving to those who inspire you you can raise your vibration and allow more money to come into your life. I offer you two easy ways to improve the flow of currency in your life below.  The Make a donation button allows you to use your credit card or Paypal account to pay through pay pal.  If you prefer, you may mail a check, money order or cash to the address below.

Mike Strawbridge August 10, 2006

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