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October 16, 2009 by Mike Strawbridge

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be healthy, even as your soul prospers. III John 1:2

According to wordtracker.com, over 4300 people search for health on the Internet every day. Another 4000 people search for the word “depression.” Add at least another 1600 searching for information on stress and over 1000 more looking for anxiety.

Clearly, people are concerned about their health and understand that stress and the resulting feeling of sadness and depression can have a negative effect on their health. But how do people typically deal with these issues in their lives? 

 Treat the symptoms?
 Escape the problem? 
 Or seek to correct the cause?
 How do you react to stress?

In this course we will cover how our body reacts to stimuli such as stress and how or body reacts to what we think about as well. We will learn to interpret the messages our bodies send us in the way our creator intended.

Our health (physical, mental and spiritual) is determined not only by the materials we use to build it but also how we manage these materials. 

When we build a car, what materials do we want to use? Durable lasting materials that can handle all kinds of stress. Stress like sun and rain and 70 mph wind etc.

So in building our bodies we need to seek out strong flexible building materials. The foods we eat need to be chosen for their ability to make us stronger, faster, leaner – not chosen just to satisfy our tastes at the moment. This is using food to escape stress rather than to deal with stress.

The materials that we build our mind from need also to contribute to our well being. If we watch images of violence on TV or in books, our thoughts will be turned to violence. If we build our minds with images of peace and love we will create a mind that mirrors those qualities.

And the same goes for our spiritual self. If we choose activities that build up our spirit, then our spirit will be strong. If we choose to either ignore our spirit or do things to bring down our spirit, we will be spiritually weak.

The ancient Hebrews believed that a man was made up of three parts. Mind, body and spirit. These three in balance made up the soul. When you see the word “soul” in the Old Testament, that is usually what it refers to. The complete man.

When I speak of the spirit, I am thinking of that part of you that watches or observes. As I speak to you, your body hears with your ears as the vibrations in the air as converted into electrical pulses traveling through your nerves. Your mind interprets these vibrations into words and the individual words into meanings based on your experience. But what part of you is doing the listening? What part of you decides what to listen to? Right now there are many sounds in the room. The air conditioning, the mumbling from the other class rooms, the beating of your own heart. Take a moment to focus on each sound to see what you can hear.

Now what part of you makes the decision on what to listen to? That part is your spirit.

The spirit is often discussed in terms of religion but as you can see every one has a spirit that may or may not be religious in the way we normally think.

You have heard the phrase “ you are what you eat.” One basic assumption that we will be making in this class it that “you are what you think”

Our health is determined by how we think. If we are constantly thinking about disease and illness, we will find and attract more disease and illness into our lives. Conversely, if we think about health and happiness, we can attract these qualities as well.

Our lives are controlled not just by what stimulates us but by how we interpret these stimuli. Just because something looks appealing to the eye does not mean that it healthy for us to eat. The same goes for our thoughts. 

News release: Regular church attendance makes you healthier.

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October 16, 2009 by Mike Strawbridge