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"Safety Training and Workplace Safety Programs."

October 16, 2009 by Mike Strawbridge

Complying with OSHA guidelines can be a confusing maze to navigate.

Trying to keep your workers safe on the job can be an even bigger challenge.

Practical - real world workplace safety solutions are often hard to come by.

At Westvaco we designed many simple machine guards and safety interlocks that became models for other facilities.

By establishing interesting and relevant workplace safety training programs, we were able to educate our employees in not only the safe way to do things but also the most efficient or effective manner as well.

Total Safety management plans:

By interfacing safety in to all management systems, safety becomes a way of life rather than a burden.   Safety procedures do not have to reduce productivity but instead can be used to improve production and quality when workers are no longer afraid of the machines.    It is our opinion that the safety manual should not be a separate book pulled only mostly to punish but rather safety procedures should be incorporated into all work instructions.  Tell the workers how to to the job safely and correctly rather than give them a list of "Shalt Nots"

Using TCIR - Total Case Incident Rate - as a measure of safety performance, we took the Westvaco Folding Carton plant from a rate of 24 down to less than 5 in a three year implementation period.

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Mike Strawbridge October 16, 2009

Always chock the wheels before welding on the gas tank!