Synchronicity Log


During the day I was looking at camping supplies with my son Scott. I noticed some hiking shoes named Everest and I began telling him about book by Jamie Clarke that I had recently reviewed. We had a short chat about mountain climbing. When I got home that evening, I picked up a random magazine and in it there was an article about a girl who had won a trip to Everest Base camp with Jamie Clarke.


I have been thinking a lot about the synchronicity in my life lately having noticed them coming in increasing frequency. I am looking at books at the used book store when I notice a book by Carl Jung titled Synchronicity. I almost bought it but then remembered I already had a copy that I had not yet read. I put it back and found my copy at home. I take this as a sign to at least look through the book.


This may fall more int eh tithing category but I still look at things that don’t have a logical cause and effect relationship as Synchronicity. On Sunday I gave a tithe to someone who has inspired me. On Monday one of my neighbors came to me very excited about a new business proposition bringing in more income for me.

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