Renix Stroker rod knock fixed

I finally pulled the crank and corrected the rod knock I have been ignoring for years in my Renix stroker motor.

I have been running a 4.7 stroker in my 1988 Jeep Cherokee XJ for over 13 years now.  I like the extra torque it gives; me especially with having 3.55 gears and 33-inch tires.

I have had a slight knock for years that has gotten worse.  It was so bad that it was showing up on the REM knock sensor readings and retarding the timing.  

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Longer front brake line Jeep XJ

Fitting TJ brake lines to my XJ and freeing stuck bleeder screws.

For years I have been running with the stock brake lines with my three inch lift. I just unbolted and rearranged the metal brake lines to get enough droop.

Occasionally however, I will snag something and give some undue stress on the brake lines. After one of my wheelign partners broke a brake line on the last trip out, I decided to make an upgrade.

For various reasons, I did not want to go with braided stainless teflon lines. I wanted to stay with stock DOT style rubber lines.

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