2018 Fall Crawl in Harlan Ky

XJ list returns to Harlan for camping, wheeling and good food.

This year I did not take my Jeep to the Fall Crawl.  In the spring I had an intermittent electrical problem that caused it to lose power. Losing power in the wrong place in Harlan can be dangerous at worst and annoying at best.  Having a ChampCar race the week before, I focused my wrenching time and efforts on the Prosche and not the Jeep.

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Loose flex plate bolts Jeep Cherokee XJ

Stopping a common Rattle on the Jeep XJ

One of the common problems with Jeep Cherokees withe AW4 automatic transmission is that the flex plate bolts back out after a while.

The flex plate is bolted to the torque converter with four relatively small bolts.  With miles and time they get loose.

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