Jeep XJ muffler repalcement

Using a Thrush Glass pack to get more clearance

For years I ran a straight pipe on my Jeep. I liked the sound but after hours on the trail the noise would get to me.

So a couple of years ago, I replaced the entire exhaust system with stock style components. The truck has been nice and quite since then.

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Jeep XJ HVAC controls revisited

Replacing a Vacuum Check valve in the HVAC system

Even after repairing the main vacuum line in my HVAC controls I still had the problem that under prolonged acceleration, the vents would loose vacuum and switch to the Defrost setting. This problem is often caused when someone deletes the vacuum bottle behind the front bumper. However, my bottle is still in place behind the stock bumper.

I studied the vacuum diagram and saw there is a check valve where the source connects to the intake manifold. I tested mine by blowing through it. I could easily blow both ways so the check valve is bad.

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Franklin State forest

White Jeep explores the Franklin State Forest

I have been looking for an adventure to test out my rebuilt White Jeep. I have passed through Franklin State forest many times and been curious about the dirt roads on either side of Highway 156. So today I decide to go exploring.

I started at the park headquarters on Highway 156. There was a map posted in the kiosk but none available to take with me. So I downloaded the PDF to my phone.

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XJ list Royal Blue Scouting Trip

Royal Blue XJ List Scouting trip

A few of the XJ List members went to Royal Blue to see what we could find.  Adam took us to an amazing trail to the sand pits just west of the interstate.

We stayed at Eagle Rock Campground.  The tent camping area is new, and we ended up having it all ourselves.  It was located well away from the regular campground and had a nice feel to it.

There was a short paved drive to the trailhead.  Most of our rigs are not set up for pavement but we made it just fine.

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Distributor (Cam Sensor) wiring repair XJ

Correcting a problem with the wires to the distributor on my XJ

One of the triggers to my engine swap was I thought my distributor was bad. I had a no start condition and a code for the cam sensor that lives int eh distributor. So I ordered a new distributor and and new engine for it to go in.

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