K Suspension Headlight Harness

Upgrading my LEDs Lights with a relay harness

One of my favorite upgrades to my XJ has been the LED lights. They really light up road signs and anything reflective like stripes on the road or center reflectors. They also work great in the fog and rain.

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Jeep XJ Drag Link replacement

Correcting the steering on my Renix era Jeep Cherokee with a new drag link tie rod.

After replacing my track bar, I still had play in the steering. The next worst spot was the drag link. I noticed this was loose when I was trying to center the steering wheel after changing the track bar.

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Jeep Cherokee XJ Track Bar Upgrade

Installing a JKS track bar to correct my loose steering.

On my last trip to Windrock, I noticed quite a bit of play in my steering.  Driving in dirt and rock was fine but paved roads like P1 were kinda scary. Highway 116 was downright terrifying. 

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XJ Coolant Leak

While driving in traffic, I heard my electric fan kick on. This is unusual for my Jeep even in traffic. I looked at the gauges and saw the temperature was running much warmer than usual.

I switched on the heater and rolled down the windows.  The temperature started to drop slowly. As soon as I started moving again, the temperature dropped back to normal.   But each time I stopped, The temperature would rise quickly.

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