Distributor (Cam Sensor) wiring repair XJ

Correcting a problem with the wires to the distributor on my XJ

One of the triggers to my engine swap was I thought my distributor was bad. I had a no start condition and a code for the cam sensor that lives int eh distributor. So I ordered a new distributor and and new engine for it to go in.

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Heater Valve delete Jeep Cherokee XJ

How to delete the troublesome heater control valve on a 90’s XJ

My 1991 Jeep Cherokee had the fragile plastic heater valve. Not only can this valve break and leave you stranded, it is prone to leak at the valve actuator. I have replaced mine a couple of times already so this time I decided to do away with it for good.

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A/C hose replacement Jeep Cherokee XJ

Replacing leaking freon lines on my XJ Cherokee

After replacing my engine, I had to reconnect the AC lines and replace the freon. The system was originally designed to run R12 but I swapped over to R134 a long time ago. However, I still like to use my old gauge set on the R12 style fittings. I just adapted the yellow hose to fit the R134 cans.

I installed a new dryer and reconnected the hoses using new O rings where the old ones looked bad. I then hooked up my vacuum pump and pulled al the air out. I shut off the pump and closed the valve to see if it would hold. It held vacuum so I assumed no leaks and popped in the first can of freon.

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Jeep 4.0 no start troubleshooting puzzle

Weird trouble with first start of my new engine

When I put in my new engine I expected it to start up right away. I had carefully aligned the distributor, checked all the electrical connections and bled the air out of the fuel system.

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