Do I need a job before applying for a loan?

Do I need a job before applying for a loan?

Having a job is usually a plus when applying for a loan. But don’t be like this guy:

At Westvaco we had an extensive hiring process. The process consisted of a set of written tests and multiple personal interviews both with potential supervisors and potential co workers.

This one fellow made it through the long process and was selected for employment. He was assigned to a shift and given a start date and time. He never reported for work. Repeated calls to check on him went unanswered.

We had given up on him ever coming to work. Then about a week later our Human Resources director got a call asking to verify his employment. The director explained that he had been selected for employment but had yet to report to work and therefore his offer for employment had been revoked.

Apparently the guy was sitting across the desk from the loan officer at the time. He got the news that he had been fired for absenteeism before he even started to work.

So the moral of the story is: you don’t just need to get hired, you actually have to show up for work to be considered employed.

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