944 loss of oil pressure

Our race at AMP was cut short due to a sudden loss of oil pressure.  We tried to diagnose at the track, but the crack pulley was tight and the oil level was correct so we knew a removal and disassembly was next on the diagnostic list.

Back in the shop, I pulled the engine and dropped the oil pan.  Inside, where it should not be, was part of the oil pick up tube.  The remainder was still bolted to the block.  

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XJ winch wiring

Cleaning up the winch wiring with a power distribution block and battery disconnect.

My winch wires have been run to my battery terminals. It was pretty messy. And every time I went to disconnect the battery I had to mess with the winch and accessory wiring.

So I ordered a power block from Amazon. https://amzn.to/2IEadiL

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