Jeep 4.0 Rock It intake refresh

Renewing the rubber parts of my air intake

I’m not sure the Rock It air intake system is made anymore. I have had it a very long time.

So long that the K&N air filter had rubbed a hole in the wire where it had been rubbing the dipstick tube. The rubber coupling at the throttle body was also in bad shape.

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How to prime the oil pump on a Jeep 4.0

Priming the oil pump

On a rebuilt engine or if just changing the oil pump, you can do considerable damage to the engine if you try to start it without oil pressure. It takes quite a few turns to purge the air out of the system on a new pump.

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Jeep Cherokee Engine removal and teardown

I finally decided to pull my engine and give it a refresh. 450,000 miles.

First I set the transmission on a jack and removed the cross member.

Next I removed the drive shafts and the exhaust.

Then I lowered the transmission slightly and removed the transfer case.

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Dad’s XJ Wagoneer

My Dad has a renix Wagoneer that he and my son restored.

My son bought this Jeep from his high school history teacher. He and my dad repainted it and Scott restored the interior using parts from Pull a Part and from another donor Wagoneer he found.

XJ Wagoneer Renix
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