Isuzu Amigo CV axle removal

Removal of a CV axle in a 1990 Isuzu Amigo

Tom’s Amigo had trouble on our last off-road trip. It would lose front drive occasionally.  We eventually diagnosed it as the CV axle pulling out of the hub splines.

Tom picked up a new axle and this weekend we decided to swap it out.  Or maybe just replace the C clip that had come loose allowing the axle to pull out of the hub.

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Jeep Cherokee Electrical Troubleshooting

Trying to find out why things quit working while my engine was out.

WHe nI started my 1988 Jeep Cherokee after having the engine out, I noticed a few things were not working.  My Heater blower, windshield wipers, and turn signals were not working.

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Renix XJ alternator relocation and upgrade

Mounting a 136 Amp alternator where the AC compressor used to be on my Renix Jeep XJ.

Since I don’t have AC on my off road Jeep, I decided to try to relocate the alternator to the area normally used by the compressor. I looked into making brackets, but I found they were readily available on Ebay.

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How to change the power steering pump on a Jeep Cherokee XJ

Replcing the power steering pump on my 1991 Jeep cherokee

I have been noticing some intermittent drop out of power assist on my Cherokee for a few weeks now. I tried overfilling the reservoir in case there was an air bubble. That lasted for a while, but today the power assist was dropping out at some very inopportune times. So, since I had a new pump on the shelf I decided to change it out.

Since I don’t have an air box, I did not have to remove it. I did remove the electric fan just to get a little better access.

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