G80 time bomb differnetial

The exploding GM limited slip differential

While towing to Track Night at Atlanta Motorsports Park I noticed a strange noise. I kept thinking it was from the trailer or the weight distributing chains.  I stopped several times to inspect the trailer and hitch but kept finding nothing wrong.

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944 Tail lights don’t work

Repairing my 944 tail lights – Tail light fuse late 944

944 tail light

After my last trip to AMP for track night, I ended up having to drive my race car home due to a tow vehicle failure.  Halfway home, I stopped to eat and noticed the tail lights were not working.  However, I had two very nice tag lights so I elected to make it home anyway.

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Loose flex plate bolts Jeep Cherokee XJ

Stopping a common Rattle on the Jeep XJ

One of the common problems with Jeep Cherokees withe AW4 automatic transmission is that the flex plate bolts back out after a while.

The flex plate is bolted to the torque converter with four relatively small bolts.  With miles and time they get loose.

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