XJ Rear wheel stud replacement

Installing longer wheel studs in the rear of an XJ

My 1999 Rock Crawler XJ has been retrofitted with disk brakes. I think they are from a ZJ. However, whoever made the swap did not replace the wheel studs. The studs intended for drum brakes are way too short when used with disk brake rotors.

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Walbro Fuel pucks

An economical alternative to Holley Hydramat

For the fuel cell in Tom’s RX7, we were concerned about being able to pick up fuel when cornering. The fuel pick-up is in one corner of the tank so any slosh will uncover it.

After some research, I found these Walbro fuel pucks designed for snowmobiles. They come in a few varieties: single connection double connection and a right angle connection. Some come with vent holes.

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944 Hood Struts

Making a tool so I could change hood sturts by myself without breaking the windshield.

The hood struts on our 944 race car were letting me down. I got tired of hitting my head when it drifted down unexpectedly.

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Chasing Death Wobble

Changing parts to reduce wheel shimmy

After a recent tire rotation, I noticed that the steering had a small shake. Over time that shake got worse and worse. Then one day, I hit a bump, and there it was full-on Death Wobble.

I immediately ordered a track bar. https://amzn.to/2YTnvPT Because almost every Jeep that has come through my shop with death wobble, the problem was the track bar.

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