Renix Fuel injectors again

Replacing the injectors in my Off Road Jeep

I recently swapped the injectors in my Dad’s Wagoneer.  I like the results so much I ordered another set of injectors from K Suspension for my Jeep.  Both of us have 4.7 stroker motors built by Titan engines. 

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Renix Idle Air Control Valve

Renix IAC valve

Replacing the idle air control valve to solve erratic idle speed. IAC Valve.

The Renix Engine fuel injection controller adjusts the idle speed by opening and closing a valve that bypasses the throttle plate.  Often the Renix engines will have a high idle speed due to the Idle Air Control Valve leaking air past the plunger.

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Renix Knock Sensor replacement

How to replace the knock sensor on the Jeep Renix engine.

The knock sensor is used by the Renix engine control system to fine tune the ignition timing.  If it hears knock it will back off on the timing a bit. It will run the ignition timing as far advanced as it can to get the most power and fuel economy.

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Jeep Renix Sensors

Jeep renix Sensors

Here are the important sensors that tell your Renix era Jeep engine how to run.  The Renix computer was used from 1987 to 1990 and operates very differently from the later MOPAR engine controllers. It was designed through AMC’s partnership with Renault.  Parts are still available for most of these from Amazon.

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