Loose flex plate bolts Jeep Cherokee XJ

Stopping a common Rattle on the Jeep XJ

One of the common problems with Jeep Cherokees withe AW4 automatic transmission is that the flex plate bolts back out after a while.

The flex plate is bolted to the torque converter with four relatively small bolts.  With miles and time they get loose.

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Grading the Driveway

Since I daily drive a Jeep Cherokee XJ, I often don’t notice the condition of the driveway. I live at the end of a dead end road and I have a long gravel driveway.   Instructions to my house include, “when you get to the end of the paved road – keep going”

When I drive one of my sports cars however,  the ruts and bumps in the droveway become very apparent.  The Porsche and the RX7 do a fairly good job at grading the center of the drive but it is hard on the air dams.

Grass in center of the driveway
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XJ LED dash light upgrade

XJ cluster LED

Adding LED dash lights to the XJ

I recently swapped in a used cluster to replace mine where the odometer has=d stopped working. The bulbs in it were pretty dim. I decided to try using LED bulbs.

i bought these from Amazon:

The listing gave me a a warning that these would not fit my 1991 Cherokee. But since the measurements were correct I gave it a chance. They turned out to be the right bulbs.

XJ cluster LED

The trouble with the LED bulbs is that they are polarized while the originals don’t care how they are installed. Also, the LED bulbs were not marked for + and – that I saw. So I rigged up a test set up using my 12V jump box and some alligator clips.

XJ cluster LED

Now you can trace each of the copper traces on the board and see what is positive and negative, but I decided to just use trial and error. That technique got me through engineering school it can get me through five LED bulbs.
I hooked up a lead to the ground that is handily marked on the board. I touched the positive lead to the solder joint that powers the lights to test each one. See the photo:

XJ cluster LED

To make sure the bulb lit up, I removed the one next to it and peeked inside:

XJ cluster LED

If it did not light up, I just turned it around. It did not take long to get all five in the right way around.

Once the cluster was back in the Jeep I am happy with the way it looks. I also took some time to clean it all up while it was out.

XJ cluster LED
XJ cluster