K Suspension Headlight Harness

Upgrading my LEDs Lights with a relay harness

One of my favorite upgrades to my XJ has been the LED lights. They really light up road signs and anything reflective like stripes on the road or center reflectors. They also work great in the fog and rain.

However le=ately they have been going dim and flickering. I traced this problem to the connector under the airbox where the truck harness connects to the grill harness. I also had trouble with the lights not going off. I had to pull the fuse for the sentry lights because they would never go off. There was also a phantom glow whenever the engine was running.

I tried cleaning the connector but that only made the phantom glow brighter. I even had them glowing when everything was off at times.

I decided to fix this for good by adding relays. Luckily before I set about building my own relay harness, I found K Suspension sells a kit for just $25. So I ordered that instead.

There is a good install video on his website. I began by removing the headlight trim and the grill. Then I removed the headlights. I threaded in the harness form the battery area. I passed the wire on to the driver’s side light behind the grill.

I then connected the trigger wire to the old passenger headlight wire. I then connected the new headlight connectors to my headlights. I then reassembled the grille and headlight surrounds.

I connected the ground wires to the bolts that hold the radiator support. I connected the red wire to the battery terminal.

The lights do seem a bit brighter now. But, more importantly, they go off when they are switched off. Hopefully, the flicker will be gone as well.