I have been fascinated by time for as long as I can remember. Clocks amaze me,

I even saved up my money to buy one of the first LED digital watches wen I was in High school.

I keep my clocks set to national bureau of standards time. I have an atomic clock in my living room. I even own a radio that only tunes the signal from WWV (Radio Shack Time Cube). I have the phone number for WWV programmed into my phone.

I work in a business that is based on schedules. Contracts have time clauses in them.

My favorite sport for many years was Time Speed Distance road rallying that requires you to arrive at a hidden checkpoint at exactly the correct time.  Now I enjoy endurance racing that requires me to set a driver schedule based on time before the race and I analyze laps times after the race in a massive spread sheet.  I am very familiar with all the math functions and time formats in excel.

My whole identity revolves around time.

Now I learn that time is an illusion!  No wonder it is so hard to measure time.  Measuring first three dimensions is easy. Just use a ruler.  But measuring time requires massively complicated devices.

How do I reconcile this concept of no time when my whole identity is wrapped up in measuring time?

My new meditation is: there is no past there is no future, there is only now. * I am having a hard time with this concept.

May Track Night in the 944

Testing the new Mass Air Flow sensor at AMP

Track Night in the Porsche

Just getting to Track Night was an adventure this time.  I decided to try out my new to me Ford F250 tow vehicle.  I first took the trailer to work with me before heading down to Atlanta Motorsports Park.

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Distributor (Cam Sensor) wiring repair XJ

Correcting a problem with the wires to the distributor on my XJ

One of the triggers to my engine swap was I thought my distributor was bad. I had a no start condition and a code for the cam sensor that lives int eh distributor. So I ordered a new distributor and and new engine for it to go in.

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