Jeep 4.0 Rock It intake refresh

Renewing the rubber parts of my air intake

I’m not sure the Rock It air intake system is made anymore. I have had it a very long time.

So long that the K&N air filter had rubbed a hole in the wire where it had been rubbing the dipstick tube. The rubber coupling at the throttle body was also in bad shape.

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Jeep 4.0 no start troubleshooting puzzle

Weird trouble with first start of my new engine

When I put in my new engine I expected it to start up right away. I had carefully aligned the distributor, checked all the electrical connections and bled the air out of the fuel system.

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Engine replacement Jeep Cherokee XJ

How I replaced the engine in my 1991 Jeep Cherokee.

My old XJ has served me well for nearly 500,000 miles. The odometer stopped working at 444444 and I have swapped clusters a couple of times, so I really don’t know what the current mileage is.

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How to prime the oil pump on a Jeep 4.0

Priming the oil pump

On a rebuilt engine or if just changing the oil pump, you can do considerable damage to the engine if you try to start it without oil pressure. It takes quite a few turns to purge the air out of the system on a new pump.

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