Jeep Cherokee front bump stop replacement

How to replace the front bump stops on a Jeep Cherokee XJ.

I was noticing some noise in the front of my Jeep Cherokee when I was braking and turning at the same time. While I had the wheels off for a tire rotation, I noticed that the bump stops were worn.

So I ordered these:

I began by lifting the Jeep and removing the wheels. At first, I thought I would have to remove the spring but I was able to work through the coils. The old bumps stops were n pretty bad shape.

I drove a screwdriver into the old bump stop and pryed it out. I then squeezed it out between the coils.

I then coated the end of the new bump stop with tire mounting lube. I slipped it between the coils and easily pressed it into place. On some poly bump stops, I have had to line them up and then use the weight of the Jeep to press them in.

Once the new bump stops were pressed into place, I reinstalled the wheels. I then torqued the lugs.