New battery for my XJ

Troubleshooting a slow start on my Renix stroker.

I have been experiencing some odd behavior when starting my Renix Cherokee lately. While the starter sounded like it was spinning fine, the engine would not fire up. Often it would fire just as I let go of the key.

I have been running an old Optima battery that I got back when ChumpCar was giving them away as part of their sponsorship, The battery read over twelve volts and the starter sounded fine. However, I noticed that the REM was shutting off and the voltage was dropping while trying to start.

Adding a small lithium battery would cause it to fire right up every time. So I decided to try testing the battery.

Sure enough, the internal resistance was high meaning it was sulfated. I tried a cheap deslufater but after several cycles, the battery actually read lower current so I gave up.

So today I decided to pick up another battery. I decided to go back with another Optima since they seem to handle the vibrations well. Now the Jeep starts right up as it should. I am no longer afraid to shut it off in the woods.