944 race at AMP and loss of oil pressure

We raced at our favorite local track Atlanta Motorsports Park. We were pitted next to three other 944s. This made it fun to compare notes on the different builds.

The race on Saturday was wet and challenging with varying traction. I even had a failure of the windshield wiper when the driver side wiper came loose. A quick pit stop to tighten the bolt got it going again.

Dave had some excitement with a spin on the fastest part of the track. https://youtu.be/v-gpVyNFoSc

Sunday was drier and we had picked up speed. However, the alternator bracket broke again and it took me fifteen minutes to swap it out for a new one.

Tom took over for the second stint. His stint was cut short when the low oil pressure light came on. I could not find the problem so we loaded up and headed home.

This weekend, we pulled it apart and found the oil pick up tube was broken. An inspection of the rod bearings shows that we have avoided a major failure. Looks like fresh rod bearings will have it back ready to race.

I began looking to see what could be causing so many things to vibrate apart in the last two races. I found that one of the balance shafts was off a couple of teeth. I must have put it back wrong when I had to do a last-minute water pump swap before the Road Atlanta race.

I plan to have the replacement rod bearings coated with Calico coatings to give them just a little bit more p protection agist oil starvation.