TPMS light on my F250

Replacing a TPMS sensor on a 2009 F250

When I bought my F250 the TPMS light was on.  However, when I got it home and filled the tires to correct pressure the light went away.

But after about a month it was back on again.  I checked all the tires and they were the correct pressure.  I looked in the glovebox for the TPMS relearn tool, but it was not included in the stuff left behind.

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XJ list Royal Blue Scouting Trip

Royal Blue XJ List Scouting trip

A few of the XJ List members went to Royal Blue to see what we could find.  Adam took us to an amazing trail to the sand pits just west of the interstate.

We stayed at Eagle Rock Campground.  The tent camping area is new, and we ended up having it all ourselves.  It was located well away from the regular campground and had a nice feel to it.

There was a short paved drive to the trailhead.  Most of our rigs are not set up for pavement but we made it just fine.

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Porsche 944 Torque Tube Bearings

I rebuilt my 944 Torque Tube

At Track Night I noticed a whirring noise when I was idling on grid in neutral.  The noise would go away if I mashed the clutch pedal.  I had heard a similar noise on the back straight at Road Atlanta back in February, so I decided to check into it closer.

With the car on the lift idling in neutral, there was definitely a noise coming from the middle of the torque tube.  I decided it was time to change the bearings.

I read through the procedure on Clarks Garage. I also watched some Youtube videos. These looked intimidating, but I decided I had to give it a go.

I began by removing the shifter from the rod and the torque tube.  I then removed the transaxle.

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