New battery for my XJ

Troubleshooting a slow start on my Renix stroker.

I have been experiencing some odd behavior when starting my Renix Cherokee lately. While the starter sounded like it was spinning fine, the engine would not fire up. Often it would fire just as I let go of the key.

I have been running an old Optima battery that I got back when ChumpCar was giving them away as part of their sponsorship, The battery read over twelve volts and the starter sounded fine. However, I noticed that the REM was shutting off and the voltage was dropping while trying to start.

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Mazda 3 Front Brake replacement

After 114000 miles my Mazda 3 finally needs new brake pads. I decided to replace the rotors as well so I got this kit from Amazon: My car has the 2.0 motor and is a 2010 model year so I had to be careful to get the right parts ordered. This kit was a perfect fit.

I began by lifting the car and removing the wheels. I snapped out the anti-rattle clip with a screwdriver.

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