Sinus Trouble

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Sinus trouble is a year round compliant for many people. However it tends to be worst in the spring and around the holidays.

Smell can be a powerful trigger for memories. If these memories are unpleasant or irritating, they can easily be expressed as sinus trouble.

In Heal Your Body, Louise Hay says sinus problems are caused by irritation. Especially some one close to you.

The Complete System of Self Healing by Stephen Chang has a simple nose rubbing exercise that is very effective in opening up clogged sinuses. There is also a great ear tapping exercise to help with clogged Eustachian tubes.

Often sinus trouble is worse int he winter due to the dry air inside buildings. Running a humidifier can help. Also, according to The Doctor’s Book of Home remedies, warm drinks like coffee or soup can help open clogged sinuses.

My favorite sinus medication is Ephedra. However Ephedra can be hard to get and may have some side effects. Pseudoehpedrine is available at drug stores. It is kept behind the counter because it is a raw ingredient for making meth. It works as well as natural ephedra but has more side effects for me.

To prevent sinus trouble before it happens, my favorite supplement is OPC3. Taken daily this supplement prevents many sinus problems for occurring in the first place.

Like many other common ailments, drinking plenty of water will not only prevent these problems but will help eliminate them once you have the trouble. So make sure you stay hydrated to prevent sinus problems and drink even more when you feel a stuffy nose coming on.

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