I have been staying in a lot of hotels lately. First was a trip to Galveston Texas and then a trip from Chattanooga to Vermont traveling with the Great Race.

The one thing I noticed in al the hotels that I stayed in this past month was that they are dark. The shift to energy saving light bulbs seems to be the cause. In most rooms, I had to get right under the lamps to be able to read my book.

All the hotels I stayed in used electronic key cards. Occasionally they would be deactivated by having them too close to a cell phone, but for this trip my keys always worked.

Another common theme for this trip was a lack of towels. In my previous experience, there were always plenty of towels. But in all these hotels, there was a bare minimum of towels.

Wifi varied greatly from hotel to hotel. The two worst were Holiday Inns. The signal strength was fin e on the router, but the actual link to the internet was slow and often dropped out altogether. In other places, I had trouble getting a signal in my room, but when I did get connected it was fast and reliable.

The hotel in Galveston we booked through This was a very pleasant experience with low rates and no problems. The hotels for Great Race were handled by Great Race’s corporate travel agency. While I had no trouble with my room reservations, others traveling with us did. The only problem I had was waiting for the person with the hotel info to arrive and get our rooms arranged before I could check in.

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Atlas Shrugged

I began reading Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged while on a trip to the beach. I was interested in reading the book because I see it referenced by many business coaches and some politicians. I have always felt left out when people ask “Who is John Galt?”

One the surface the story is of big business struggling to operate in an oppressive political climate. But there is much more to the story. Rather than being a traditional battle between good and evil, it is the battle of moochers and looters versus the producers. I have only made it through part one so far. There are three parts to the book.

It is a very intense book to read and has made me stop and think about how I really feel about things. I found out there is a movie but it is only in limited release. Maybe I can get the DVD when it comes out.

Rally Tires for sale – SOLD

Rally Tires for sale _SOLD
Kumho R700 205/60R15

Kumho Rally Tires for sale

For sale 4 used Kumho Rally Tires. They have about 70% tread left on them. They would be good for stage rally or rally cross.

Average tread depth

Currently they are mounted on Jeep wheels. I can include the wheels or pull the tires depending on what you need. The wheels are 5 on 4.5 with fits the Mitsubishi Eclipse and many other cars as well as the Jeep.

I also have one brand new Kumho Rally tire on a new wheel for sale separately.

New Kumho Rally tire for sale
Kumho R700
Mounted on new Jeep ZJ wheel


Real Estate Mortgage – Seven Important Questions

Real Estate Mortgage – Seven Important Questions

When shopping for a real estate mortgage, many questions arise. Often the advice from friends and family is confusing and misleading. There are many rumors and old wives tales concerning real estate financing, so I asked a mortgage broker to get the real answers.

1. Are there any programs that can help a single parent get a loan?

Yes, there are. One program in our state is the THDA or Tennessee Housing Development Agency. Other states will have similar programs. The THDA provides grant money to assist with making a down payment on a home loan. Another program which helps single parents is the USDA. The USDA provides 100% financing in some situations. Your mortgage broker can give you more information on these programs in your situation.

2. If a single parent has had an FHA loan before, can they qualify for another FHA loan?
Yes, but restriction may apply. You will need to discuss the qualification requirements with your mortgage broker. A good broker will help you through the qualification process.

3. What is an FHA loan?

An FHA loan is a standardized mortgage loan that is easy to obtain. The advantages of the FHA loan are no prepayment and it is backed by the US government making it easier to qualify at a lower interest rate.

4. What items do lenders look at when someone is applying for a loan?

Al lenders will look at the same qualifying factors: Credit history, Income and Assets. When applying for a loan, you will need to give the lender access to your credit reports and provide proof of income and your assets.

5. How long after a bankruptcy does someone have to wait to get a home loan?

Typically the wait is two years. However there are many variables and the rules have been changing lately. Contact your mortgage broker for the latest information.

6. How can someone rebuild credit to be able to qualify for a home loan?

One suggestion is to add a secured credit card and leave it at a zero balance. Check your credit report and dispute any negative items. But, the most important step is to just be patient and let the negative items fade away with time.

7. What is the recommend down payment for a home mortgage?

Three and a half percent is generally the minimum. That would be $3500 on a $100,000 loan.

Knowing the answers to these common questions can help you be more prepared when you contact a loan officer about a home loan or other real estate mortgage. There are many online resources that can help you determine you collect the information needed to prepare to apply for a loan.

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Do I need a job before applying for a loan?

Do I need a job before applying for a loan?

Having a job is usually a plus when applying for a loan. But don’t be like this guy:

At Westvaco we had an extensive hiring process. The process consisted of a set of written tests and multiple personal interviews both with potential supervisors and potential co workers.

This one fellow made it through the long process and was selected for employment. He was assigned to a shift and given a start date and time. He never reported for work. Repeated calls to check on him went unanswered.

We had given up on him ever coming to work. Then about a week later our Human Resources director got a call asking to verify his employment. The director explained that he had been selected for employment but had yet to report to work and therefore his offer for employment had been revoked.

Apparently the guy was sitting across the desk from the loan officer at the time. He got the news that he had been fired for absenteeism before he even started to work.

So the moral of the story is: you don’t just need to get hired, you actually have to show up for work to be considered employed.

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