Otterbox for the iPhone 4

If someone asked me earlier in the year if I knew what an Otterbox was I would have told them no. Some of my friends on Facebook had been talking about having an Otterbox for their phone but it still didn’t clue me in as to what in the world they were talking about. Eventually I did some research, mainly going to Ebay and finding out exactly what an Otterbox was.

So when it was time for my full upgrade with Verizon, I chose to purchase the iPhone 4. The Salesman recommended the Otterbox as it is supposed to protect the phone as it is made out of glass. Even though I was purchasing insurance I decided it would be a good thing to invest in an Otterbox.

Three months after purchasing it I am very disappointed in it. The only two great things about the Otterbox is that one time I did accidentally drop the phone in a parking lot the Otterbox did its job and protected it. I have also been around a lot of water: theme parks, the beach, swimming pools and having the Otterbox made it to where I could still use the phone while it had some protection.

What I am most disappointed about is that the rubber cover around the shell no longer fits and the part that covers/protects the charger port is now hanging by a thin piece of the rubber. As a matter of fact, that part has never fit properly since the Otterbox was installed at the Verizon store.

If I were to rate the Otterbox on a scale of 1-10 I would give it a 4. I expected something I paid $50 for to last longer than three months. It definitely does its job by protecting, especially if the phone falls, I just believe the overall quality of the rubber part is not up to par.