How to Plug a Tire

Fixing a leak on my trailer tire with a tire plug

On my last trip, I noticed that I had a leak in one of my trailer tires.  I did not spot the injury on the road so I just kept an eye on it and made sure to keep refilling it with air.

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Always Use New Valve Stems

Always Use New Valve Stems

When I mounted Scott’s tires a few months ago, I did not have any valve stems in stock and I did not want to make the trip into town to get some. The ones in the rims looked fine so I just left them in place.

Then last week, Scott had not one but two valve stems break off due to the rubber cracking.

Last night I swapped in new valve stems for him. I broke the bead on the front side and used a pair of diagonal cutters to cut out the old valve stems. I pressed new ones in place and aired his tires back up.

I put them on the balancer for a tune up of the balance while I had them off.
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