Working on the boy’s Jeeps

Working on the boy’s Jeeps

Front end alignment and window seals.

Both my sons were in town this holiday weekend. And when they are in town it always means a little time spent working on their Jeeps. Actually it was Megan’s Jeep, but Scott was the one working on it.

Her front tires were showing some abnormal wear on the inside edges. That is an indication that they ere toed out. We used my JCW toe gage to quickly determine that they were indeed toed out. I showed Scott how to loosen the two clamps o the end of the tie road and adjust the toe setting. We set it just slightly toed in since she has a 231 transfer case. I set mine at zero since I have a 242.

Will came in later and we finally took the time to fix his driver’s side window. He has been missing the rubber strip that guides and seals the window since he bought the truck. We rummaged through our parts Jeeps until we found one that was still flexible and fit to reuse.

We first tried to simply pull the strip out. However we found it securely attached to the vent window frame. The vent window frame is held with three torx screws. Two accessible from the top with the door open and one that requires the door panel trim to be removed. We found even with the screws out, it was still pretty stuck in the channel. Scot had to pull hard to tilt the frame out of the door channel.

With the vent window frame removed from the door, we found that it is attached to the rubber strip with a rivet near the bottom. I pulled the strip off the rivet.

To reinstall it in Will’s Jeep, we first had to remove the entire old strip. It was hardened from age and cracked into tiny pieces as we pulled it out. We had to remove the door trim panel to access the bottom part of the strip. Once the channel was clear, I was able to slide the strip into place by pressing it down between the window and the vent window frame. I used dish soap to lubricate the strip so that it would slide into the channel.

Once the strip was in place there seemed no need for the rivet. It stayed in place and did not try to move with the window. He now has a nice quiet window. It will make his drives back and forth to School a bit more pleasant.