Adventures with The Great Race Part II

Traveling with The Great Race the last two years has been a very exciting experience. You see new places and meet new people. This past summer though it was an adventure just getting to travel outside the United States into new territory.

After entering Canada from Michigan, our first checkpoint was a quaint little church way out in the country.

Our first overnight stop was in Greater Sudbury Ontario where we enjoyed delicious food from the A & W.It was also where I first tried Poutine.

From there our next overnight stop was in Barrie Ontario.

Our finish for the day was beautiful even though it was overcast, windy and chilly. The highlight of the day was that the scoring crew known as the computer nerds had to set up the scoring area at the nearby Hooters!

Traveling in Canada was definitely an adventure. Seeing the landscape, meeting the people and eating the food was an experience I will not soon forget. Sometimes I would briefly forget I was in Canada until I read the signs on the roadside or in stores. You don’t see Washroom signs here in the USA or see signs up at convenience stores that tell people they have to buy something to use the washrooms either.