Apple iPhone 4

Back in May I became eligible for a full upgrade through Verizon. For months I had been teetering back and forth even thinking I may just wait and continue using my Droid 2. My biggest issue had been that the apps I really wanted to have were not available on the Droid. Another issue was that most of the stores I had shopped in always had some accessory that was fitted for the iPhone. In the end, the full upgrade price snagged me.

Talking with the salesman at the Verizon store I told him I was not sure if I wanted the iPhone 4 or the iPhone 4S. After asking him a few questions and upon his recommendation I chose the iPhone 4. Since I also own an iPad it was not too hard to learn how to navigate the phone.

It’s been almost four months since I purchased the iPhone 4. I would say the greatest pet peeve I have about the phone is that the autocorrect is annoying. My teenage daughter was able to turn it off for me before my sanity went out the door. The one thing I really like about the phone is the voicemail. Unlike the Droid 2 where I had to dig and dig and dig to get to a certain message all I have to do is go to the page where people have left a voice mail, click on their name and Voila!

Also, I do like having the option of choosing separate ringtones for each contact as well as for calling and texting. And as far as battery life goes most days I only have to plug it in to charge at night. Between myself and my three kids we are usually playing games, getting on the internet or listening to music. Charging it doesn’t take that long anyways.

If any of my friends, family or even a stranger came up and asked me if I would recommend the iPhone 4 I would say yes. Battery life is great, it functions very well and it takes great pictures!