Custom Willys Stretched Wagon

I have been reading about the build of this wagon on the Willys Wagon forum. Now here it is for sale.

I would like to build something similar to use as a replacement for my Suburban. I like the Cummins diesel and the pick up frame. That would make a nice tow platform.

Willys Stretched Wagon

UPDATE: Marcus Ohms sent me a link to the build story of this truck.

1953 Studebaker on ebay

My Dad had a Studebaker before I was born. His was white with red flames. I grew up with the wrecked hulk in the yard. This one has flames but I am not sure about the white and blue. I wish there were some color pictures of Dad’s white Studebaker with red flames.

1953 Studebaker with flames

1946 Studebaker Dually

My granddaddy Straw always used Studebaker trucks in his construction business. But he never had one as nice as this one on Ebay.

1946 Studebaker Pickup

1960 Loyd micro van

This is one of the cutest little cars I have seen. I have never heard of a LLoyd before. I did not even know there was a car that shared my middle name. Apparently they did not make very many.

1960 LLoyd