Replacing the Harmonic Balancer on a Jeep Cherokee

To change: Remove the belt. Consider removing the front bumper as you will be working through the access hole behind the front bumper.

Auto Zone has both the removal and installation tools in their loan a tool program. Often they won’t know about the installer tool but they have it if you insist.

Run a screwdriver through one of the slots in the balancer and use that to hold it while removing the bolt.

Attach the puller and use to remove the balancer.

Pay attention to the key in the crank.

Install a new seal while you are here.

If possible, heat the new damper slightly. Don’t use a torch just a hot air gun. carefully align the key with the slot in the pulley and press the damper in place. Make absolutely sure the key is lined up. If not it will be pressed out the back damaging the front cover. Ask me how I know.

Assemble the installation tool and use the 1/2 20 adapter for the crank threads. Do not attempt to use the regular bolt to press the damper on. You will damage the crank snout.

Press the damper in place using the installation tool. remove the toll and replace the bolt. Again us a screwdriver to hold the damper while you torque the bolt to specs.

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