Extreme Rock Crawling

Extreme rock crawling
Extreme rock crawling

The WE Rock extreme rock crawling championship series made a stop in Dayton, TN this weekend. I went by on Friday night and saw part of the tech inspection process. I got to get a close look at how the buggies are built. I talked to a couple of drivers and builders who gave me a great tutorial of the sport.

I returned Saturday to watch a few of the later runs. The guys going backwards off the cliff were pretty amazing. There must be some huge bonus points for the the risk they were taking. Most did not make the fall without some damage.

There was one climb that I never saw anyone complete. When I arrived they were using a forklift to extract a stuck buggy. Later I saw one roll and get winched by a Cherokee stationed at the top. A few others tried and failed as well.

I still have a lot to learn about the sport but is was very entertaining to watch. I am really surprised that there is a place this close to home to see this kind of action.

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