Stay Stuck Dash pad review

Stay put mat holds GPS in place
Stay put mat holds GPS in place
Natalie from Iphone Acccessories sent me a StayStuck phone pad. This silicone pad is made of an amazing friction material that sticks to just about anything. I have been driving around with it in my street Jeep this week and my cell phone has stayed put just like the product name suggests. I have stuck it on the dash and on the center console and it stays either place just fine.

The sample she sent me also has a really cool feature in that it has a place to mount a suction cup device like a phone holder or a GPS navigation device. To test it further I put it in my off road Jeep to see how it holds up to bumps and dust.

I had to use a damp cloth to clean the very dirty dash in my Jeep before it would stick. However, once it was free of dust, the pad stuck fine.

I mounted my mom’s Tom Tom to it to see if it would stay in place. I have left it there in all kinds of weather conditions from cold to hot to wet to dry. It has not moved. I always get annoyed at suction cup devices because they tend to pop loose when the temperature changes. No such problems with this pad.

I have driven around on the trails on my farm and have even done some rough maneuvering to get the Jeep into position to do some winching and so far the pad is still in place.

I need to get one for my mom for mother’s day because she is really happy that she does not have to mount her GPS on the windshield any more. For more information on this cool product see: StayPut Pad

I think I am going to get one of the regular phone pads to prevent occurrences of the levitating cell phone.

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