Replacing a Toyota 20R igniter with MSD

The Toyota 20R igniter is getting harder and harder to come by. The MSD is an easy swap.

I connected the big red wire to the battery lead, The small red wire I spliced to the wire leading to the resistor on the coil. The black wire I put on the bolt holding the igniter bracket.

The white wire I connected to the terminal on the distributor.  I removed the original wires from the coil and used the supplied spade connector adapters on the terminals. I then connected the orange and black wires.


The tach wire had a bullet connector in the wire from the igniter that also went to the negative coil terminal. I connected the gray wire to it.  No adapter was needed. I removed the igniter and used wire ties to secure the MSD box to the old mount.


It fired up first time and idles much smoother than withe stock igniter.  The stock igniter can be returned easily as I did not modify any of the stock wiring.