Jeep Cherokee Window regulator

Jeep Cherokee Window regulator

The manual window regulators for Jeep Cherokees seem impossible to find. None of my regular suppliers carry new ones.  So for Jennifer’s Jeep we elected to find used ones.  Both of her windows had stripped spots in the spiral cable that moved the window. This spot would allow the window to hang and it had to be forced past that spot making it difficult to use the windows in a regular manner.

We found that while the regulators in her 92 Cherokee are riveted in place the 93 and newer are bolted.  We elected to source these as replacements.

If you have removable door, it is easier to do this task on a work table. However, it is easy enough to do with the door in place on the Jeep.

To remove the window regulator, you first need to remove the arm rest. There are two #3 Phillips screws holding it in place.   Then rotate the handle until it is vertical. The tip of the handle has a flat section that will release when rotated into this position.  Next, remove the three #2 phillips screws that hold the door handle in place. Leave the plate alone just remove the screws.

Next remove the inner cover from the door. I found a brake spoon worked better than my panel removal tool to pull the plastic studs from the door.  Once all the studs are out, carefully lift the door latch plate up and slide the inner panel back out from under the mirror.  Then twist it to slide the door handle through the opening leaving all the rods in place. Remove the panel and set it aside.

Locate the 10mm headed bolt that holds the bottom of the vent window glass. It is in a depression and may be hidden by sound deadening. Remove this bolt.

Lower the window to ace the glass retaining bolt through the opening in the door. The glass is bolted to the regulator with a torx bolt. The back is in plastic. If it spins, it may be very difficult to remove. Use some penetrating oil and try to hold the plastic washer with vise grips.  If all else fails break and replace the glass.

If the regulator is riveted in place, use a ¼ inch drill to drill out the aluminum rivets. They drill out easily.  Otherwise, remove the six 10MM head bolts.

It may help to remove the door speaker to get more room to move the regulator around, however it is not required. Release the clip that hold the rubber tube to the bottom of the door. Begin working the regulator out of the door by rotating it. Part of it is on the wrong side of the vent window frame. Carefully bend the vent window away from the place where you removed the bolt and slide a narrow portion of the regulator through.  There is no need to remove the vent window if you do it this way.

Carefully work the mechanism out through the opening in the door by rotating the whole assembly. Moving the glass all the way up helps create more space.

Install the new regulator in the opposite way. Carefully work it over the vent window frame and reinstall the vent window bolt. Install the bolts holding the top of the regulator and the crank gear. Leave the bottom loose.

Attach the glass to the regulator.  Then install the bottom bolts. Temporarily install the window crank and test the action. Make sure all the door rods are still in the right place.  Remove the crank and install the door panel.  Install the arm rest and bolt down the door handle plate. Test the operation of the door release and lock before closing the door.  Refit the window crank.