1995 GMC K1500 Suburban for sale SOLD

I’m selling Bertha, my Suburban Tow vehicle SOLD


Running the Dragon

The Good:

Four wheel drive. Eaton G80 Locker in the rear (factory) Yokohama Geolander tires. Good All Terrain tread. This combination got me up the hill to the campground in Harlan while towing the Jeep even int he mud.

350 V8 TBI. 4L60E transmission (rebuilt for towing) Four wheel drive transfer case with low range.

Air shocks in the rear. 2″ receiver hitch. Larger extending towing mirrors (dumbo ears)

Heavy duty floor mats. Power windows Leather seats. Third row seat. Tinted windows. 16 inch Alloy wheels. Rear AC. Power door locks with remote. Carpet and headliner are still in good condition.

Racing stripes and stickers for better handling. New shocks and suspension bushing in the front. Custom Stainless steel slat grill. Custom headlights and clear markers.

Rear Barn doors that can be opened with a trailer attached. Full length running boards for easier entry. Multiple disk CD changer under the rear seat. WIth the seat folded and third row seat removed, the cargo space can hold a 4×8 sheet of plywood.

The Bad:

The HVAC controller will not select the dash vents. It mostly selects the heat mode. It likely needs a new control module in the dash. The AC system has a freon leak. The compressor is good, but the system will leak down in a few days. The rear AC expansion valve also needs to be replaced.

The service engine soon light comes on often. The code is for the EGR system. These trucks get horrible gas mileage. Around 10MPG towing. 15 hauling people.

254xxx miles

The ugly:

Leather seats have some cracks typical of the age. The paint on the front of the truck has the typical peeling problem of this vintage GM trucks. The hood and front doors have been resprayed but there’s still some peeling paint. One of the wheels has a scrape on the edge. There is a dent on the hood where a tree fell on it. There is a scrape on the gas lid door that was there when I bought it. Both running boards have a crack in them. One of the door cards on the rear barn door is missing. There are a few grease stains on the carpet.

Overall this has been a great tow vehicle that has towed Jeeps and various race cars all across the country. It has also hauled dogs and people to many events. It makes great camper with the seats down. I have replaced it with a 3/4 ton pickup truck so I am offering it to someone else who needs a good reliable tow vehicle or three row people mover.

Bertha at the Dragon Hillclimb
Berthe at Dragon Hillclimb
Racing Stripes
Bertha earns her stripes
New paint on the hood
Camping in Harlan
Bertha hanging out with Scuffy in Harlan
Taking The 944 to NCM
620 pickup
Bertha’s big adventure. Recovering Evan’s Jeep from Middle fork (Harlan, Ky)
Hauling the Porsche to Daytona.
Lots of cargo space
Ready for track night
Bertha gets a ride on the trailer for a change
Peeling paint on door
Hood Dent
Driver Seat
Rear Seat
Barn Doors
Racing Stripes