944 Mass Air FLow conversion

Rouge Mass Air Flow conversion for 944 NA

I recently replaced the vane air flow sensor in my 944 race car with the Rouge Mass Air Flow sensor.  The conversion was extremely easy to accomplish.

I began by removing the air box from the car. This step may not be necessary, but I am used to puling the air box for everything.  I preferred to make the swap on the bench.

Upon removing the air box top I was shocked at how much tire debris had been picked up at the last race.  I need to either reinstall the inner fender liner or make a deflector for the air intake.

The vane flow sensor is held in place by four bolts from the inside of the air box.  Three are easy to get to.  It took me a while to come up with an appropriate tool to access the last one. I ended up using a six-inch wobble extension on a short 10mm socket.

The Rouge conversion is sold by Lindsey Racing now. I bought this one used from a fellow racer who had changed to the 16-valve engine.

I bolted the new tube in place of the old sensor.  The opportunity for increased air flow is very noticeable looking into each inlet port.  I’m not sure what sensor is used by the Rouge kit, but the wiring adapter plugs right into the 944 harness for a neat installation.  There is an extra wire that connects to the positive side of the coil to give the sensor a 12V power source.

The connection into the J tube was snug so I used some rubber lubricant to aid in slipping it into place.  I then tightened the clamp and the air box fasteners.

Next, I pulled out my ECU. This is much easier in my race car than one with the ECU under the carpet. I have previously converted to the 28 pin ECU so I did not have to do that modification.

All I had to do was pry out the old chip and snap in the new chip and adapter board. I then put the lid back on and reconnected the ECU to the harness.

The engine started up just like normal and idled normally. I could not tell any difference.  A quick test drive showed that it pulled much stronger in the higher RPMs indicating more air flow.

The real test will be getting it back on the race track.