Jeep 4.0 Rock It intake refresh

Renewing the rubber parts of my air intake

I’m not sure the Rock It air intake system is made anymore. I have had it a very long time.

So long that the K&N air filter had rubbed a hole in the wire where it had been rubbing the dipstick tube. The rubber coupling at the throttle body was also in bad shape.

I made measurements and found a silicone sleeve to replace the worn rubber connector.

The next task was figuring out which air filter I had. The end caps on K&N filters have mold number son them but these are not the model number for the filter. However, the K&N website has a handy cross reference where you can math up the two end caps and then knowing the length of the filter you can determine the part number.

Once I had the part number I was able to order one from Amazon.