Distributor (Cam Sensor) wiring repair XJ

Correcting a problem with the wires to the distributor on my XJ

One of the triggers to my engine swap was I thought my distributor was bad. I had a no start condition and a code for the cam sensor that lives int eh distributor. So I ordered a new distributor and and new engine for it to go in.

But as I was removing the engine I found the problem was really with the wiring harness, not the distributor wiring.

I tried covering the bare wires with liquid electrical tape. That worked for a while but it rubbed off when the wire fell onto the motor mount. I tried couple of other ways to insulate the wires but each had its own failure method in the hot engine environment.

While I was at Pull A Part getting race car parts, I stepped across the aisle and found a 91 Cherokee and snipped out eh part of the harness that I needed.

I used some of the heat shrink/solder connections to join the wires. And since the clip was broken on the donor connector, I added a zip tie to hold it in place.

Hopefully this will end my cam sensor error problems.